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It is rather an easy procedure to buy a property in Greece, given that everything is in place. We are more than willing  and able to help you in every step of the way to acquire the property that satisfies you to the fullest.

Decide what is your desired area to buy in Greece
It is very important before you start looking for a property, to pick a certain place or larger area that you would like to live and own a house in. This could be an area in Greek mainland , an island or a complex of islands .Once you have determined the area of interest and your budget ,then you are ready to start searching.
Find your dream property
Once you know where you want to buy in Greece , you can start looking in that area according to your  budget and other parameters(That is where we can help!).Please have in mind that it would be good to have some papers with you in your viewing trips such as passport ,recent utility bill ,proof of your tax number etc. so that once you find a property that suits you there will be no delay in the procedure.
Appoint a lawyer
Once you have found it and decided that ‘’this is the one’’,  you make an offer to the owner. If the owner accepts your offer, you appoint a lawyer that will check the titles from the legal aspect and will represent you throughout the process. We can recommend some very reliable lawyers in every area that will help you all the way. Sometimes ,the owner might ask for a 10% deposit to book the property during the legal check .That deposit is returned back to you in case there are title problems with the property that will stop the sale.
Appoint a notary
During the lawyer check you should appoint a notary to make all the arrangements and paper gathering for the property so, once the legal check is complete and fine, the notary will draft the contract. We may also recommend some fine notaries.
You are now the owner!
Now that everything is ready and in place, the buyer and the seller(along with the lawyer) meet at the notary’s office for the contract reading .After that the money are transferred and you are the owner of the property from now on.

Transaction fees
The fees that you have to pay for the property (except from its price) are:

  • Transfer tax: a flat rate of 3% is paid since 2014 (it used to be around 10%)
  • Registry of Mortgages: The fee payable to the registry of mortgages amounts to 0,45 % of the property value
  • Lawyer fee: 0,5 – 1% (depending on the property value) plus VAT 24%
  • Notary fee: 0,65 – 1% (depending on the property value) plus VAT 24%
  • Real estate agent’s commission: 1,5 – 3% (agreed previously)